All of the questions that are emailed to us are posted with their answers here so everyone has the benefit of knowing answers to questions that they may have had too! If you have a question email us at peihalls@gmail.com

Q: What are some activities and events which raise money and bring communities together?

  • Kitchen parties and concerts
  • Ceilidhs (this will also attract tourists)
  • Bingo and card events
  • Beach parties, children’s parties, and movie nights
  • Community suppers, brunches, and socials
  • Dances
  • Canada Day celebrations
  • Auction Sales
  • Karaoke
  • Farmers Market
  • Summer Camps
  • Lectures and seminars

Q: How do we promote events?

Event promotion is essential to attract people to attend your events. Today we can’t depend on word of mouth to draw out large crowds. It’s more useful to apply a variety of techniques to try and maximize your group numbers.

Social media is in the top percentile for promoting your events. If your hall has a Facebook page, I would suggest using that primarily, especially if it has a good following. If your hall doesn’t have a Facebook page or an email, I would highly recommend looking into getting one or both.

Calling and emailing your local radio stations and newspapers. When contacting them make sure that you use the words promote and not advertise unless you’re looking to pay for an advertisement. Some local papers you should contact are the Guardian, Journal Pioneer, the Buzz, and the Northern Star. Radio stations that should be reached are Ocean 100, Hot 105.5, CFCY, and CBC Radio.

Making signs is also an excellent way to let the community know about your event. Your posters should contain all of your events information including Event name, where, when, cost, what’s included in the price, and your hall’s contact information.

Q: How do you get younger generations to become more involved in our halls/communities?

This is a question that has a constantly changing answer as younger generations are always changing their interests. One way to get younger generations into your halls is to get them to volunteer. Younger generations will volunteer you just have to ask.

Another good way to bring younger generations into halls is to provide them with their own space like a basketball net, a ping pong or pool table, internet access, etc. Also, offering workshops for younger generations will inevitably draw out a crowd. Some workshop topics that could be presented could be leadership skills, babysitting courses, first aid certification, career exploration, etc. Identifying interests of young people in your community is really a key so you can kind of cater to their likes and dislikes which gives you a greater chance of bringing more younger people into your hall.



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