Food Safety

Food safety is a very important when preparing and serving food at your hall. I have provided everyone with some valuable documents that should give everyone a piece of mind when it comes to keeping your food and guests safe. I made a poster which covers quite a few questions about how your kitchens should run and what should be considered every day at your hall. Feel free to post this sign in your hall kitchen and share it with your employees and volunteers!

Hall Safety 101 Poster

I also made a Hall safety document that answers some other questions that are not on the poster.

Disclaimer: This is not all of the information about food safety, I only included information that I saw most relevant to halls. This is not a supplement for the  FOODSAFETY Level 1 course.

Hall Safety 101 Food Document

Here are some other forms/posters that you may find useful for your halls!

  1. Foodborne Illness Report Form

Foodborne Illness Report Form2. Manual Dishwashing Procedure

dishwashing-procedure-27268293. Refrigerator Order

Refrigerator Order

4. Personal Hygiene


5. Food Safety Thermometer


6. Food Safety Circle


Some more useful information can be found in this google doc. You’ll find information on sanitation plans, temperature log sheets, and tips and tricks for your kitchen!

If there is any other information you’d like added, please let me know! I hope that this is useful information for everyone.