Volunteers are one of the pieces of the puzzle that are our hall event. They are not only taking their time to help contribute success to the global economy but on a smaller scale, they are fundamental components of our small halls. On this page, information will be posted for your benefit about volunteers. If there is anything that you’d like to have added email us!

Risk Management Considerations

Give these forms a read when gathering volunteers for your next event!


Liabilities with Volunteers

Here is a link about managing volunteers in your hall from Cooke’s Insurance. You should make sure you’re aware of the risks volunteers present while in your establishment.

NP RI – Managing Volunteers

Recruiting  Volunteers

Finding volunteers is only half of the challenge when it comes to selecting them to help at your events. The best way to recruit them is just to ask if they’ll volunteer, people usually like to be invited because it makes people feel as if they are needed to contribute to their civic responsibility. You also want to find people driven volunteers, people who want to help volunteer at your hall, not people who have no enthusiasm for what your hall/establishment is doing. People also enjoy being rewarded so giving the volunteers a meal, a t-shirt, etc. after they’ve done their work provides an incentive for people to want to work

Another group of individuals who sometimes are overlooked for their volunteering abilities is teenagers. Teenagers can be your best volunteers if you think about it. From about grade 8 on our youth on PEI begin to need to volunteer to get hours for scholarships, bursaries, awards, etc. For example, students were working towards the Duke of Edinburgh award as early as junior high. These students are sometimes unsure of places they may volunteer at, and halls often are looking for volunteers, so the two appear to fit hand in hand.

Advertising volunteer positions at your hall is also a great way to bring in new volunteers. There are so many ways you may advertise these positions like posting posters, using social media platforms and asking schools to announce the need of volunteers to the students.

When looking for new volunteers keep these three keys in mind:

1.Give them a reason to participate
2.Give them recognition
3.Define and communicate your goals for your event







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